Two FREE Special Events For Women Who Are Ready to Explore and
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Joy’s 6 Step Method to Discover Your Own True Passion, Your Own True Purpose And a Plan to Design a Life That You Love Waking up to Every Day!

Listen in to last week's free teleclass "Passion - Purpose - Plan." There were women from around the world on this call.

From: Joy Chudacoff
January 29, 2009
Pacific Palisades, CA


Dear Friend,

I’m 49 years old, married, have two beautiful children ages 6 and 8, and a dream come true business that supports women in creating an extraordinary life. I wake up every day full of energy, ready to greet the world and all of its magical moments.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Ten years ago, I was living a “passionless life.” I woke up exhausted and had to force myself to get out of bed. I had no desire to greet anyone. It was difficult to get through the day. I felt as if I was going through the motions. I felt my fire, my passion and my purpose had been extinguished.

Sound familiar? did I go from “surviving to thriving?”

I knew that I was a Smart Woman and that I deserved to create a life that gave me Energy, Passion and Purpose. I made a decision to Explore, Discover and Master the tools and solutions necessary to create the life I have today.

I’m getting ready to launch into my 4th year of my Women’s Success CirclePassion - Purpose - Plan and I want to share with you everything I’ve learned.

I consider February to be Passion month and the perfect time to make a special offer to you to get you started on a journey to finding your life's true Passion. I'm inviting you to experience something you've may have never experienced before, one of my Women's Success Circles for FREE. That's right. No charge, it's on me. I think it's important that you experience the energy created by women that gather to find their life's true Passion, Purpose and Plan before you commit to the program.

I'm going to be offering my famous in-person Women's Success Circles, at The Inn at Playa del Rey here in the Los Angeles area and because I've had such an interest from women all around the country, I'm also offering a Women's Success Circle teleclass.

I know that some of you are wondering exactly what happens during my Women's Success Circles, so I'm offering a sample of both.

Here are 5 reasons why you should reserve your spot today for one of these Free Sample Circles:

  1. You’ll be in a safe environment with other dynamic women who have a desire for change in their own lives
  2. You’ll explore the tools and solutions that are necessary for you to create a lifestyle that embraces your new energy, passion and purpose
  3. You’ll discover the 4 areas that every woman needs to nurture in order to live a full passion filled life
  4. You’ll explore how to create a personal plan of action that completely supports where you are going in every aspect of your life
  5. You’ll discover a renewed sense of energy

I hope you will join me for this special morning of discovery.


“As a busy working mom, I made a commitment to these monthly meetings and am so happy that I managed to make all six and am now in the Alumnae Circle. The power of women’s energy and spirit coming together gave me a deeper understanding of myself and my purpose. Although I initially resisted writing down my goals, I found that in doing so I achieved them much faster than I’d imagined I would.” ~Debra A. Lauzon, Attorney, Lauzon & Euler, LLP


“My experience in Joy’s Learning Circle has been profound. Being in a Circle of women has been deeply empowering for me. Joy has an intuition, a "gift" for the work that she is doing with women. In just two short months, Joy and the Circle of women have helped me to unearth my passion and have given me some amazing communication tools.”

~Pamela Yelsky


During the Free Sample Circles, I will also reveal...

-- Why it's so important for women to create a lifestyle that embraces your true passion and your true purpose

-- The one question that changed the course of my life from "low energy and passionless" to unlimited energy and passion filled!


You Have 2 Easy Choices


Attend Live in LA

Inn at Playa del ReyAttend live in Los Angeles at the Inn at Playa del Rey.

Date: February 19, 2009
Time: 9:am – 11:00am
Cost: Free

You missed the free event, however you can still register for the Free Circles.

Please contact Joy for more information.



Attend Via Telephone

TeleclassWe'll be sending you the call-in details after you get registered.

Date: February 10, 2009
Time: 11:00 am – noon PST
Cost: Free

You missed the free call, however you can still register for the teleclass series. Just click the button below.

Register for Free Teleclass


“Joy Chudacoff is a coach for the millennium, coaching women to become successful on the playing field of their choice. Like all great coaches, she works on creating a vision as well as developing fundamentals. She has been equal parts listening, collaborator, and co-investigator in my journey of self discovery. From a foundation of quiet support, Joy has helped me believe that anything I can dream I can create.”

~Rebecca Carpenter

I'm looking forward to meeting you in person and by phone!

These are going to be amazing sessions with Smart Solutions for Smart Women. 


Joy Chudacoff
Certified Professional Coach
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